Quartz - Black Tourmalated Quartz Crystal Round Smooth Stretch (8mm) Natural Gemstone Crystal Energy Bead Bracelet

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Wear the power of earth elements.


Layer on colorful energy with this genuine stone bead bracelet. 


Black Tourmaline in Quartz Crystal

-clarity, divine energy, manifest  (EMF PROTECTION)

-absorbs, stores, amplifies, balances, focus,

transmits energy 

-master healer, shields, protects, corrects 

-regulator, generator, light bringer

Black Tourmaline is a versatile crystal that can have a profound impact on our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. It is a powerful aid for those seeking inner strength, emotional healing, and spiritual growth. Its unique properties make it a valuable addition to any crystal collection, providing support and guidance on our personal journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

Black Tourmaline Quartz Crystal is Quartz Crystal with Black Tourmaline needle like inclusions throughout. This unique gemstone can help us eliminate destructive patterns. It’s beautiful and powerful crystal energy can ground, protect and help us find the light when surrounded by darkness.  Black Tourmaline, known for its highly conductive properties, and Quartz Crystal, renowned for its potent amplifying abilities. Together, this unique blend creates a powerful tool for absorbing and transmuting negative energy.

  • Uses: Black Tourmaline Quartz Crystal balances yin yang energy,  adjusts imbalances throughout the body, protects against negativity and helps us to be an effective problem solver. This unique gemstone can help us eliminate destructive patterns.
  • Black Tourmaline Quartz is especially powerful for empaths to block other people's negative energies.

  • Wear or Carry:  Wear it on your body to magnify your psychic abilities. It will also serve as effective protection against any kind of psychic attacks. When worn, it will help transform or deflect negative energies.
  • Emotional Energy:  Black Tourmaline Quartz Crystal is known for its ability to help us tap into our inner strength and overcome emotional challenges. It promotes emotional balance and stability, providing a sense of calm during times of stress or upheaval. This crystal can help us release old wounds and traumas, allowing for emotional healing and self-discovery.
  • Mental Energy:  Black Tourmaline Quartz Crystal  is revered for its ability to enhance intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual vision. It aids in developing clairvoyance, telepathy, and other psychic gifts, allowing for clearer insights and intuitive guidance.  Black Rutile is also believed to enhance our mental clarity and focus, aiding in decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Physical Energy:  The powerful energy of Black Tourmaline Quartz Crystal acts as a shield, protecting the wearer from negative energies, psychic attacks, and electromagnetic radiation. It helps create a protective barrier around the aura, preventing the infiltration of harmful influences.   
  • Healing:  Black Tourmaline Quartz Crystal  is said to have powerful energies that can alleviate symptoms of various ailments. It is commonly used to stimulate the immune system and improve overall vitality. This crystal is believed to be beneficial for reducing anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Black Tourmaline Quartz Crystal is also thought to have a positive effect on the respiratory system, promoting healthy breathing and easing respiratory issues.
  • Tourmalated Quartz can be used to treat digestive tract disorders and detoxify the body. It’s a powerful healing crystal that’s also known to give strength to the skeletal system and help in the treatment of arthritis and dyslexia. It can also provide relief from different kinds of body pains.
  • Spiritual Energy: Black Tourmaline Quartz Crystal is known for its ability to stimulate spiritual growth and enhance one's connection with the divine and spirit guides. It aids in accessing higher states of consciousness, facilitating spiritual awakening, and promoting deeper spiritual insights.
  • It’s an excellent shield crystal that will amplify energies that are sent your way. Depending on your needs or desires, you can either send this amplified energy back to its source like a mirror spell, or you can transmute it to something more beneficial and positive for you.
  • Chakra Energy: Root, Crown - Black Tourmaline Quartz Crystal is known for its ability to balance and harmonize our Root and Crown Chakras, allowing energy to flow freely throughout the body and promoting both grounding and spiritual growth. A balanced state creates a smooth flow of energy from the Earth to the Divine.
  • Meditation: Black Tourmaline Quartz Crystal is used during meditation to deepen our understanding of our life's purpose and gain insights into our spiritual path. The strong energy Black Tourmaline Quartz Crystal emits makes it an excellent companion for meditation and spiritual practices. It aids in grounding, protection, and spiritual development, facilitating deeper states of relaxation and connection with the spiritual realm.
  • Feng Shui:  Black Tourmaline Quartz absorbs negativity, offering an unwavering beam of light through the darkness. Place at your front door for protection and to repel and transmute negative energy as it enters your home. You can also use it near areas with high electromagnetic energy like back doors and windows to shield against negativity.
  • Work: Black Tourmaline Quartz Crystal’s high energy will help you increase your personal power at work. Wearing or placing  a Tourmalated Quartz in your work space will bring powerful energies that attract good luck and success into your daily life. Place it in your office by the computer, to repel the radiation that comes from computers and other electronic equipment.  Black Tourmaline Quartz Is also an excellent crystal to get rid of any negative energies at work. This is the ultimate workspace Zen Den Crystal.
  • Other Information: There are two similar looking types of Quartz with these needle like inclusions, “Rutilated” or Rutile Quartz and “Tormalated” Tourmaline Quartz yet they are completely different crystals.  
    The one introduced here is Quartz with Black Tourmaline inclusions, that are more prominent and thicker needles. The other type is Quartz with Gold or Dark (black looking) Copper. It has thinner, long, hair like needle inclusions of Titanium Dioxide and is called Rutilated or Rutile Quartz
    Both types are mistakenly sometimes called Rutilated/Rutile Quartz, but they are two different types of Crystals with different meanings, energies and pricing, as Rutilated or Rutile Quartz is much more rare. 


  • Cleansing & Charging: Cleanse = eliminates stagnant energy. Charging = Crystals need to be charged in order to replenish their energy.
    Cleanse by running under or placing in spring water, Ocean or Salt water, using Sage Smoke, Intention or place on a bowl of Earth mixed with light salt. Sunlight and Moonlight can be used as well. Always follow your intuition. Using Odd numbers is always good for timing how long to leave…3,6 and 9 are especially powerful.
  • Charge by placing near Selenite, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst or Hematite. Can also leave in Sunlight or Moonlight for 3–9 hours.
  • Programming your Crystals & Gemstones involves setting your intentions and infusing the Crystal with your desired energy. To program your Crystal, find a quiet space, hold the Crystal in your hand, and visualize your intentions. Focus on the qualities you wish to enhance or the goals you want to manifest. Feel the Crystal’s energy merging with your purposes, and state your affirmations or intentions aloud. The vibrational energy emitted by spoken words holds great power, as do our thoughts, our crystals are tools that amplify and direct our desires and wishes.
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  • Unisex, Men, Women, Children 
  • Can be customized to fit any wrist, even a child 
  • Bead size: 8mm - Regular size beads
  • Main Stones: Black Rutilated/Rutile Tourmaline in Quartz Crystal
  • Colors: Black, White, Clear
  • Style: Round, Smooth to touch
  • Metal: None unless requested
  • Beads are strung on Strong, Sturdy Stretch Elastic
  • 100% AUTHENTIC Gemstone 
  • Product type: gemstone bead stretch bracelet 
  • Infused with Pure Positive Energy
  • Includes Gift Bag
  • Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted and is also SOLD in our store
  • Do not wear your Gemstone Jewelry in the Shower, Working Out or to Bed.  Keep stones away from chemicals. Treat your Gemstone jewelry with the utmost care for longevity.
  • Product Quality Guarantee, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • Each Bead is unique and no two are alike... all of our Handmade Bracelets are Beautiful as we pick from the Best, Highest Quality, and Prettiest Beads!

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