Variscite - Lake Blue Variscite aka “Impression Cloisonne Jasper” Custom Size Round Smooth Stretch (8mm) Natural Gemstone Crystal Energy Bead Bracelet

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Wear the power of earth elements.

Layer on colorful energy with this genuine premium stone bead bracelet.


Lake Blue Variscite Impression Cloisonne Jasper

-hope, encouragement, clearing emotional confusion,

-relaxation, joy, love, communication, inner peace

-mastering fear, initiative, boosting confidence

-self examination, understanding, new beginnings,


These absolutely mesmerizing gems are often referred to as Impression Jasper, but are actually not a Jasper at all. Impression Jasper is Variscite with Chromium and Vanadium and often mistaken for turquoise because of the similarity in appearance of colors which can range from light green to teal. It also is found in lighter shades of white to translucent, with all having the attractive coppery brown veining.  Variscite is fully natural, enhanced only by tumbling, cutting, polishing and sometimes color enhanced for beauty, especially when in other shades.

  • Uses: Variscite is a stone of hope and encouragement.  Wearing this crystal invites us to step into our most authentic self and let our light shine.  It is a wonderful stone for clearing up emotional confusion and seeing straight to the heart.  Variscite is recommended for anyone going to therapy or actively engaged in personal work.
  • Wear or carry:  Variscite amplifies our courage and our sense of integrity, making it virtually impossible to indulge in pretense or conformity. Variscite helps us to be true to ourselves and what we love, and to enjoy the life we choose regardless of the opinions of others. It teaches us to be more conscious, and to align ourselves with whatever brings us joy and peace. 
  • Emotional Energy: Variscite has a calm and hopeful energy. It lifts our spirits when we are feeling down and low, and soothes us when we are feeling restless and uneasy. Variscite is gently encouraging and empowering. It opens the heart and encourages us to love ourselves and others more fully, and to practice deep compassion and radical acceptance. Variscite shows us how to release false negative judgments and to see ourselves and others through kinder eyes. It helps us to be more willing to learn, able to make mistakes and be wrong, and eager to grow. Variscite teaches us the awesome power of unconditional love and shows us that when we live from that place, great things result.
  • Mental Energy: Variscite’s energy clears our head of emotional fog or confusion, allowing us to see the world clearly and honestly. It increases our abilities for discernment, keen perception, logic, and reasoning. It helps us to better understand why other people act, talk, and think as they do, and how to best interact with them in ways that will edify and uplift both parties. Variscite allows us to appreciate simplicity and to let go of unnecessary weight, whether that be too many physical possessions or unhealthy emotional attachments. Variscite invites us to have a less-complicated life, without drama or self-destructive habits. It encourages us to make necessary changes, and slowly but surely, create a positive, sustainable, and emotionally enriching lifestyle. Variscite helps us to always have ‘enough’. It also allows us to properly express ourselves so that we can be accurately understood by others.
  • Physical Energy: Variscite is recommended for anyone suffering from chronic pain or fatigue who is feeling an emotional turmoil as a result.  Variscite reminds us that the physical body and the emotional body are deeply entwined, and that when one part suffers it is normal for the other part to respond in kind.  Variscite is an excellent teacher when we are working on our brain chemistry and trying to find a good life balance.  It encourages us to pay attention to what we eat and how those foods affect our body and mood.  It also encourages us to notice what causes stress and whether our stress responses are reasonable.  Variscite reminds us that coping mechanisms are great for short-term problems, but can be negative habits if used long-term.  Eventually we have to stop “coping,” and actually face the problem and start the healing process.  It may not be easy or pleasant, but it is the way to peace and wellbeing.  Variscite is also a lovely talisman to help with digestion, joint pain, and male infertility.
  • Spiritual Energy: Variscite stimulates our curiosity for spiritual topics and helps us broaden our understanding and beliefs. It gently guides us towards a higher state of consciousness, allowing us to connect with the powerful vibrations of Love and Truth.
  • Chakra: Variscite is an exceptional heart stone that helps one connect with their inner being. This mineral heavily promotes inner peace and clarity of the mind, while helping one slowly establish control over their emotional body. Working with this mineral helps teach our minds to simplify every situation and stop obsessing over the outcome. We have little control over anything in this world except for our own emotions and how we react. Variscite is here to serve as a reminder of that and push you to slow down and live in the moment. Connect with the things and beings around you and allow their love to transcend you into unimaginable heights.
Meditation: Meditate with this stone daily to maximize its healing potential. Focus on the negative emotions that may already exist inside of you and the cause when beginning to work with Variscite. Answers can only come when facing the root of the problem.
When you meditate, you're in a relaxed state where every thought is recognized. As the "clutter" of your conscious mind recedes and your subconscious mind comes forward, amazing revelations emerge! During meditation, patterns can emerge, visions can appear, problems can be solved. Sometimes revelations suddenly come out-of-the-blue!

F E N G   S H U I   C E N T E R

  W A T E R   E L E M E N T

In feng shui, Blue colored Crystals and Gemstones bring us the element of Water.

The Water element is one of the most vital elements because water represents the flow of energy. The flow of energy, or “chi,” is crucial for creating a harmonious and well-balanced environment. Water's domain encompasses spirituality, intuition and emotions.

The Water element symbol: Wavy lines

Blue Water element Solfeggio frequency: 741 Hz - Throat Chakra - Awakening, intuition. By potentially stimulating the mind, promoting creativity and self-expression, and providing mental clarity, listening to the frequency of 741 could help with intellectual work and problem-solving. It can also support decision making, which can lead to a healthier and more fulfilling life. Known as a “detoxifying frequency,” 741 Hz is sometimes used to help those suffering from chronic pain.

Water Energy is traditionally placed in the: 

  • Entryway - Use a compass to determine direction (see directions below)
  • North - Career and Life Path, Wisdom, Knowledge

Variscite is also amazing to wear or keep in your kitchen to support a healthy diet.  

A balance of Water Energy brings:

  • inspiration, rejuvenation, wisdom, insightfulness, luck, wealth, abundance, prosperity, stillness, quiet strength, purification, spiritual connection.


Too much Water can create the feeling of:

  • unbalanced, the sense that you're drowning emotionally, you feel overwhelmed, overly social, depression, lethargy, weight gain.


When there's not enough Water Energy, you may experience:

  • a lack of sympathy, loneliness, isolation, stress, pettiness, grumpiness, ill, malnourished, unhealthy cravings, harmful habits.



B L U E   F E N G   S H U I  

Water represents the flow of energy and will assure a balance of energy as your life unfolds and flows. To keep your life moving forward towards your goals use Blue Crystals to enhance any area where you need: 

  • A sense of Direction and control, protection, respect, tranquility, peacefulness and calm.
  • Emotional Well-being – Water is closely associated with emotions. The ‘sound’ of flowing water can have a calming effect on our mind and emotions.  Add a water feature where you sleep and implement Crystals in and around it.
  • Reflection and Clarity – Water’s reflective qualities symbolize introspection, clarity of thought and clear communication.
  • Good Fortune – Water is associated with the flow of luck and good fortune. Add water features with Crystals and Gemstones near entryway, if you want to increase the good fortune in your life. 
  • Relationships – Water element crystals can enhance communication and connection, which is important in developing your relationships.
  • Wisdom – Feng shui belief connects the Water Element with wisdom, clarity, and intuition. Use water element crystals to increase your proficiency in these areas. 


The main entrance of a home is more than just a way to enter the house. It is believed to be the gateway to success and advancement in life. Feng shui considers the main entrance to be one of the key areas of a home, often referred to as the "mouth of qi" in Classical Chinese philosophy, representing the flow of life force.


How to check the Feng Shui direction of my front door?

The facing direction of your front door can be found by standing at the entrance of your home or space and looking outside, and then, with the help of a compass, finding out where it points. Do the process at least 3 or 4 times to get the correct idea. 

A T   W O R K
It helps you heal within… Wearing Variscite daily to work and you will soon notice a change in your daily attitude and perception of the world. Positivity will soon be restored to your heart and mind, while also maintaining a clear and confident outlook on your future. Sometimes; to change our surroundings, the change must begin with ourselves first.
Variscite helps us to focus and amplify our efforts to keep undesirable elements out of our lives. Its crystalline structure gives it strength in all directions, allowing it to provide barriers to attack from all directions simultaneously.
Other Information: Variscite is a rare semi-precious gemstone. Most mining operations are small scale, worked by hand with little to no mechanization. All Variscite may be considered fully natural, enhanced only by tumbling, cutting, polishing and sometimes color enhanced.
Cleansing & Charging: Cleanse = eliminates stagnant energy. Charging = Crystals need to be charged in order to replenish their energy.
  • Cleanse by running under or placing in spring water, Ocean or Salt water, using Sage Smoke, Intention or place on a bowl of Earth mixed with light salt. Sunlight and Moonlight can be used as well. Always follow your intuition. Using Odd numbers is always good for timing how long to leave…3,6 and 9 are especially powerful. 
  • Charge by placing near Selenite, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst or Hematite. Can also leave in Sunlight or Moonlight for 3–9 hours.
Programming your Crystals & Gemstones involves setting your intentions and infusing the Crystal with your desired energy. To program your Crystal, find a quiet space, hold the Crystal in your hand, and visualize your intentions. Focus on the qualities you wish to enhance or the goals you want to manifest. Feel the Crystal’s energy merging with your purposes, and state your affirmations or intentions aloud. The vibrational energy emitted by spoken words holds great power, as do our thoughts, our crystals are tools that amplify and direct our desires and wishes.


Pair it with other genuine stone bead bracelets to create your own unique vibe.


Personalize it!

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Small 6”-7” inch
Medium 7”-8” inch
Large 8”-9” inch
X Large 9” - 9.5” inch 

  • Unisex, Men, Women, Children 
  • Can be customized to fit any wrist, even a child 
  • Bead size: 8mm Regular size beads
  • Main Stones: Lake Blue Variscite aka Impression Cloisonne Jasper
  • Colors:  light blues, copper
  • Style: Round,, smooth to touch
  • Metal: None unless requested
  • Beads are strung on Strong, Sturdy Stretch Elastic
  • 100% AUTHENTIC Gemstone 
  • Product type: gemstone bead stretch bracelet 
  • Infused with Pure Positive Energy
  • Includes Gift Bag
  • Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted and is also SOLD in our store
  • Do not wear your Gemstone Jewelry in the Shower, Working Out or to Bed.  Keep stones away from chemicals. Treat your Gemstone jewelry with the utmost care for longevity.
  • Product Quality Guarantee, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • Each Bead is unique and no two are alike... all of our Handmade Bracelets are Beautiful as we pick from the Best, Highest Quality, and Prettiest Beads!

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