Eudialyte Custom Size Round Smooth Stretch (8mm) Natural Gemstone Crystal Energy Bead Bracelet

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Handmade by GypsyGemsJewelryBox

Wear the power of earth elements.


Layer on colorful energy with this genuine premium stone bead bracelet. 



"The stone of the heartland"

-joy, happiness, empowerment, energy,

success, exhilaration, relationships 

self-love, self-esteem, confidence 


Eudialyte is a fascinating multi-colored gemstone that instills creativity and self-love. It is an extremely rare and complex mineral that occurs in red-violets, pinks, blues, yellows and browns and even green; sometimes with inclusions of Black Tourmaline. 
Eudialyte is a powerful and transformative stone, known as "The Stone of the Heartland." This gemstone has the unique ability to infuse Root/Earth energies with the Heart/Unconditional love, making it a highly sought-after crystal for manifestation and emotional healing.

  • Uses: Eudialyte  has been known to improve one's romantic experiences. Through stimulating the libido and reducing inhibitions, it encourages taking more risks for love. 
    Eudialyte facilitates deep, emotional healing and stimulate self-love. When you achieve this mindset, you are truly ready to accept love from others.
  • Wear or carry: Eudialyte is a stone known for promoting self-love and self-worth. Its energies inspire self-confidence and belief in oneself, reminding us that recognizing our value is the key to a life filled with love. Along with self-love, eudialyte also encourages love for others.
  • Emotional Energy: Eudialyte is a powerful and positive stone that provides emotional support to the wearer. It can strengthen the heart chakra, particularly beneficial for those who are highly sensitive and easily hurt by minor issues. The vibrations of Eudialyte are perfect for dissolving feelings of jealousy, resentment, and strong hostility. 
    Eudialyte promotes a fearless attitude and encourages us to embrace our inner strength and self-value. It enhances mindfulness and instills hope for the future. Eudialyte also eliminates fear, alleviates sadness, and eliminates limiting beliefs, allowing for progress towards a brighter future.
  • Mental Energy: Eudialyte is an advantageous tool for individuals who may feel uncertain or unsure of their goals in life. It facilitates the recognition of our unique skills and abilities, and helps us find suitable outlets for expressing them, ultimately leading to a satisfying and purposeful existence. 
    Eudialyte enhances clarity of thought and encourages proactive decision-making. It aids in suppressing negative self-criticism and promotes a sense of curiosity, creativity, and intellectual engagement.
  • Physical Energy: Eudialyte is renowned for its ability to boost your physical energy. Like a rechargeable battery, it can provide a much-needed energy boost when you're feeling depleted or not performing at your best. 

    Eudialyte promotes body-positivity and discourages feelings of shame and guilt towards our physical appearance. It reminds us to appreciate and focus on the parts of our body that we love instead of fixating on perceived "flaws." Additionally, it serves as a strong talisman for those facing life-threatening situations, providing comfort and aiding in a peaceful transition between life and death. 
    For premature babies and critically-ill young people it can it offers strength and stability to helps us stay here.

  • Spiritual Energy:  Eudialyte channels the Earth's energies through your Chakras to keep you grounded, balanced and protected, especially during psychic attacks or the evil eye. 
    Eudialyte encourages self-reflection and self-awareness, allowing us to recognize our beauty, worth, and potential to follow our true path. It ignites our life force and connects it with our heart, motivating us to achieve greatness. It also teaches us to value and utilize our talents, and to share them with others. Eudialyte is a powerful tool for manifesting abundance and transitioning from simply surviving to truly thriving.
  • Chakra: Eudialyte stimulates the Heart Chakra.
    The Heart Chakra, found in the center of the breastbone, is responsible for regulating our interactions with the external world. It is responsible for our decisions to accept or reject and gives us the capacity to maintain a healthy balance between detachment and involvement. It harmonizes our inner self with our surroundings.
    When in balance, we are calm and accepting, able to connect easily with others and adapt to the demands of the world. We can also recognize when our needs are being compromised and effortlessly maintain a balance between external and internal needs. This allows us to navigate the ups and downs of emotional relationships, understanding their cyclical nature and embracing change. The Heart Chakra, when balanced, grants clarity in recognizing and managing our own emotions and needs, enabling us to sustain healthy, joyful, and mutually beneficial relationships.
    When the Heart Chakra is imbalanced, you may experience tension in your upper torso, along with folded arms and discomfort with physical affection. This can also manifest in relationship dynamics, with a tendency towards either controlling or being overly critical. Everyday situations may trigger intense emotional reactions due to an out of balance Heart Chakra.
  • Meditation: Eudialyte activates Kundalini energy and enhances psychic abilities such as clairaudience and telepathy by connecting the physical and spiritual realms. It also serves as a powerful manifestation tool, inspiring creativity and unlocking hidden gifts and truths. With Eudialyte, you may experience an increase in synchronicity and coincidences in your life.
  • Feng Shui: Eudialyte utilizes Water and Earth elements.  
    Water Energy promotes calmness, strength, and purification, embodying unrealized potential. It is a force that is yielding yet powerful. The element of water brings about rebirth and regeneration, representing the cyclical nature of life. Traditionally, water energy is linked to the North area of a home or room, as well as the Career and Life Path area. Its flowing nature promotes balance and forward movement in one's life. To enhance progress towards goals, incorporate the energy of water in your space. Just like the other elements, water is vital and nourishing, making it beneficial for health and well-being in your home or office.
    Earth Energy brings stability, honesty, and balance into your space. This powerful energy, associated with the Northeast and Southwest areas of a home,  room or office/desk is the foundation of our existence. Use these gems to enhance any resting place, providing a sense of control, safety, and protection. Whether it be in the mountains, plains, shores, or valleys, Earth Energy is our holdfast in the vast and cold universe.
  • Work: Eudialyte facilitates a re-evaluation of priorities and activities for those with busy lifestyles. It encourages the elimination of unnecessary tasks, leading to a more efficient use of time. This gemstone also promotes appreciating the mental stimulation of working towards and achieving goals. Eudialyte harmonizes our life force with our heart, making our work a source of joy and an expression of love.
    Eudialyte's presence can facilitate the swift and impartial resolution of conflicts, restoring emotional balance and fostering peace and harmony.
  • Other Information: 'Almandine spar' is sometimes used as an alternative name for Eudialyte. There is no connection between the mineral Eudialyte and the variety of garnet known as Almandine. Garnet and Eudialyte are two different minerals. This is a genuine Eudialyte gemstone bracelet.
    Eudialyte contains a trace of Uranium, a fact which worries some people, but the dosage is laughably small. Holding a tumbled Eudialyte, which has minor radioactive elements for 4 hours will expose a person to .1 mrems of radioactivity. This is comparable to eating a banana, which are also mildly-radioactive due to the potassium content. For perspective, radiologists who work in a hospital can be safely exposed to 50,000 mrems every year. A lethal dose of radiation is 500,000 mrems.
  • Legend: The Sami, the indigenous people of the Arctic Circle, whose territory includes the Kola Penninsula of Russia as well as northern Finland, Norway, and Sweden, have known about Eudialyte for many centuries.  To them, Eudialyte’s proper name is “Sami Blood”.  According to Sami folklore, once upon a time there was a great and fierce battle over a kings daughter, the Sami fought with Swedish soldiers and many of Sami were killed.  Their blood was scattered across the tundra were the battle took place.  This blood froze and formed the beautiful pink-red stone.


C L E A N S I N G   &   C H A R G I N G :

Cleanse = Eliminates Stagnant Energy.

Charging = Crystals need to be Charged in order to Replenish their Energy, just like a battery! 

Crystals & Gemstones function similarly to batteries, emitting positive energy at a specific frequency into our bodies, resulting sometimes in a tingling sensation. Crystals absorb and convert negative energy, but they have to use their own energy to create a protective shield, which is necessary for deflecting or repelling negativity. When we use a crystal, it will eventually run out of energy and need to be recharged, just like a battery. In its depleted state, the crystal may have also absorbed negative energy, necessitating cleansing and then recharging it.



Cleanse by running under Spring water, using Sage Smoke, Intention or place on a bowl of Earth mixed with light salt. Sunlight and Moonlight can be used as well. Always follow your intuition.

 C H A R G E

Charge by placing on or near Selenite, Quartz Crystal or Smokey Quartz. You can also charge by placing your crystals in Sunlight for 1 - 3 hours or Overnight during a Full Moon - place your crystals on a table by a window or on a windowsill.



Programming your Crystals & Gemstones involves setting your intentions and infusing the Crystal with your desired energy. To program your Crystal, find a quiet space, hold the Crystal in your hand, and visualize your intentions. Focus on the qualities you wish to enhance or the goals you want to manifest. Feel the Crystal’s energy merging with your purposes, and state your affirmations or intentions aloud. The vibrational energy emitted by spoken words holds great power, as do our thoughts, our crystals are tools that amplify and direct our desires and wishes.


Pair it with other genuine stone bead bracelets to create your own unique vibe.

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    Provide a personalized fit by specifying your exact size and any desired details in the message box at checkout (e.g. loose fit, change or add Silver/Copper/Gold/Wood, NO spacer bead, etc.). Our skilled artisans can create any style or size to ensure a perfect FIT and LOOK!

After finding your correct bead bracelet size according to the instructions in photos, select your wrist size using the scroll bar. If you need a size not listed, put it in message box when ordering.

Small 6”-7” inch
Medium 7”-8” inch
Large 8”-9” inch
X Large 9” - 9.5” inch 

  • Unisex, Men, Women, Children 
  • Can be customized to fit any wrist, even a child 
  • Bead size: 8mm Regular size beads
  • Main Stones: Eudialyte
  • Colors: Red, pinks, coral
  • Style: Round, Smooth, high sheen and iridescence 
  • Metal: None unless requested 
  • Beads are strung on Strong, Sturdy Stretch Elastic
  • Product type: natural gemstone bead stretch bracelet
  • Infused with Pure Positive Energy
  • Includes Gift Bag
  • Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted and is also SOLD in our store
  • Do not wear your Gemstone Jewelry in the Shower, Working Out or to Bed.  Keep stones away from chemicals. Treat your Gemstone jewelry with the utmost care for longevity.
  • Product Quality Guarantee, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • Each Bead is unique and no two are alike... all of our Handmade Bracelets are Beautiful as we pick from the Best, Highest Quality, and Prettiest Beads!


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