Peridot + OHM Mantra Prayer Focus Bead + Lava Stone + Ebony Wood Custom Size Round Smooth Stretch (8mm) Natural Gemstone Crystal Energy Bead Bracelet

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Wear the power of earth elements.


Layer on colorful energy with this genuine premium stone bead bracelet. 

 Peridot + OHM Mantra Prayer Focus Bead + Lava Stone + Ebony Wood

The sacred mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" is a six-syllable Sanskrit Mani Mantra commonly heard in Buddhist monasteries and stupas. Its powerful teachings of Buddha are revered by followers and can be found inscribed on prayer wheels or carved into rocks. This mantra holds great spiritual significance and is recited by devotees as a form of spiritual practice. It is said to bring happiness, luck and good fortune to its wearer.


ॐ - OM (ohm) purifies EGO
म - MA (mah) purifies JEALOUSY
णि - NI (nee) purifies PASSION
प - PAD (pahd) purifies IGNORANCE
द्मे - ME (meh purifies GREED
हूँ - HUM (hum) purifies HATRED

  • Om: Represents the purification of bliss and pride, associated with the realm of gods.
  • Ma: Symbolizes the purification of jealousy and the need for entertainment, found in the realm of the jealous gods.
  • Ni: Purifies passion and desire, commonly experienced in the human realm.
  • Pad: Signifies the purification of ignorance and prejudice, characteristics of the animal realm.
  • Me: Represents the purification of greed and possessiveness, qualities found in the realm of hungry ghosts.
  • Hum: Symbolizes the purification of aggression and hatred, which are attributes of the hell realm.


the “Extreme Gem”

August Birthstone 

Traditional gift given on the 16th wedding anniversary

-dissipate negative patterns, success, prosperity

-spiritual growth, mental stability, resolve 

-joy, happiness, manifestation, empowering,

-love, enlightenment, understanding 

 -provides a shield of protection around the body

Peridot promotes mental and physical rejuvenation, exuding warmth and vitality. Its unique properties stimulate the mind and expand awareness, aiding in the discovery and fulfillment of one's destined spiritual path.

Peridot, the birthstone for August, is a dazzling yellow-green gem. Peridot is born of fire and brought to light, one of only two gems (Diamond is the other) formed not in the Earth’s crust, but in molten rock of the upper mantle and brought to the surface by the tremendous forces of earthquakes and volcanoes. Peridot in its basic form, Olivine, was also found in comet dust, the moon and meteors. Interestingly both Peridot and Moldavite are similar in their colors and chemical makeup. Ancients believed, quite accurately, that Peridot was ejected to Earth by a sun’s explosion and carries its healing power.
  • Uses:  Peridot helps dissipate negative patterns and old vibrations that play over and over, keeping one from realizing they are deserving of success. By working with Peridot one can remove those blockages and move forward quickly, opening the heart and mind more fully to receive from the Universe with grace and gratitude.  
    A stone of transformation, Peridot is excellent for use in recovery from tobacco or inhalant dependencies, as well as other addictions    
    Peridot it is a wounded healer stone, serving as a vital guide in facilitating healing processes that help others going through what you have already overcome. It is considered very effective in amplifying Reiki energies.     
  • Wear or carry: Peridot as a talisman of luck and as a sun stone to prevent personal darkness. It adds charm and eloquence to your presentations, evokes a positive, helpful response from normally unhelpful people, and increases profit in trades.    
  • Emotional Energy: Peridot enhances mental clarity, encouraging feelings of joy and fulfillment in daily living. It enables individuals to detach from external factors and trust their own capabilities, turning inward for guidance and tapping into the wisdom of the inner mind.
  • Mental Energy: Peridot is sometimes incorporated into treatments for psychological disorders, as it is believed to effectively balance the fluctuations of bipolar disorder. Additionally, this gemstone is known to assist in alleviating hypochondria, depression, and melancholy.
  • Physical Energy: Peridot, is renowned for its ability to heal emotional wounds and address matters of the heart. By purifying and mending hurt emotions, it can diminish feelings of anger, jealousy, resentment, and spite. Ultimately, Peridot teaches us that clinging onto people or the past impedes personal growth. 
  • Chakra: Peridot carries a beautiful green energy that activates the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakra.
    The Heart Chakra located near the center of the breastbone, regulates our interaction with the external world and controls what we embrace and what we resist. It gives us the balancing ability to be ourselves within the environment. When the Heart Chakra is out of balance we may feel either controlling or controlled in a relationship. We may find ourselves having inappropriately strong emotional responses to everyday external stimuli. Green crystal energy is used to resolve blockages and to re-balance the Heart Chakra, helping us understand our own needs and emotions clearly.      
    Yellow energy within Peridot activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, the energy distribution center and the chakra of relationships. This chakra is located between the ribcage and navel, and controls the immune and digestive systems. When balanced physically, we have strength to fight infections, are free of allergic reactions, and are able to use the nutrients we ingest. When the Solar Plexus is out of balance spiritually, we feel fear – of the disappointment or displeasure of others, or to subordinating our life and pleasures to the will of others. Spiritually, when the Solar Plexus Chakra is in balance we are free to interpret the world through our own thoughts and emotions and not live in fear of violating the dictums of others.
  • Spiritually: Peridot is a powerful crystal that enhances positivity and serves as a talisman for recognizing and honoring the frequency of Love from the Creator, which is the source of abundance. With proper use, it can expand one's ability to receive from the Universe, in all aspects of life. This crystal is imbued with a connection to spiritual truth and insight into one's destiny.
    Peridot is also an Elven stone, carrying the frequency of inter-dimensional Earth beings who share our planet. It may be used to connect with the fairy and devic realms, and to communicate with Nature spirits of all types, including the plant and animal kingdoms. It is an excellent stone for animal and Earth healers.
  • Meditation: Peridot emits a beautiful frequency of peace and well-being, and is remarkable for use in prayers and meditations to access higher realms of consciousness and to connect with Divine energies. Meditating with Peridot promotes understanding and insight, teaching one to appreciate one’s own unique perfection and purpose in this world.
  • Feng Shui: Peridot utilizes Wood Energy, the energy of growth, expansion, new beginnings, nourishment and health. It enhances vitality, brings abundance, and keeps us growing physically. Use green crystals to enhance any space used for eating, in the room of a small child, or in a place of your home where you are beginning a new project. Wood energy is traditionally associated with the East and Southeast areas of a home or room. It is associated with the Family and Health area, and the Prosperity and Abundance area.
  • Work: Peridot is known for its ability to imbue its wearer with strength, authority, and influence. The spiritual “light” that Peridot’s energy emits promotes clear thinking, motivating the pursuit of knowledge and comprehension. 


Lava Stone

- calming for controlling anger, positivity 

-behavioral issues, stability and grounding of the spirit,

-intense energy, protection, stability, aromatherapy 

-absorbs essential oils, courage, strength, muscle tension relief
-clarity to bring focus for communication

-energizing, lifting your mood, anxiety relief

  • Lava is associated with the root chakra as, like roots, it comes from deep in the ground. The earthy qualities of lava make it a stone of grounding, focus and balance, materialism and restraint.
  • Its raw fiery energy is associated with passion, assertiveness and energy. When you are drawn to lava you may be seeking energy and stamina. It is also said to be useful as a stone of detoxification, to dissipate anger and to clear negative energy. Crystal healers use it to help with anxiety, emotional tranquility, relaxation and a sense of calmness. It is said to be a "stress-absorber."
  • Lava Rock can teach you to ignite the fire within and allow your true expression to show. When you tap into the energies of this amazing stone you can draw on your inner strength to overcome personal challenges. This stone has the firepower to provide great energy and fierce protection.
  • Lava rock promotes emotional stability, aids in finding inner calm amidst turmoil. It absorbs and dissipates negative emotions, fostering a balanced emotional state. Lava rock provides a sense of stability, allowing you to navigate your emotions with resilience and find serenity in challenging times. 

  • Cleansing & Charging: Cleanse by running spring water over it, using Sage Smoke, Intention or place on a bowl of Earth mixed with light salt. Peridot loves Sunlight and Moonlight can be used as well. Always follow your intuition.
  • Charge by placing near Quartz Crystal, Selenite, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst or Hematite. Can leave in Sunlight for a few hours, but it only takes a few minutes to Cleanse and Charge Peridot with Sunlight.
  • Programming your Crystals & Gemstones involves setting your intentions and infusing the Crystal with your desired energy. To program your Crystal, find a quiet space, hold the Crystal in your hand, and visualize your intentions. Focus on the qualities you wish to enhance or the goals you want to manifest. Feel the Crystal’s energy merging with your purposes, and state your affirmations or intentions aloud. The vibrational energy emitted by spoken words holds great power, as do our thoughts, our crystals are tools that amplify and direct our desires and wishes.
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  • Unisex, Men, Women, Children 
  • Can be customized to fit any wrist, even a child 
  • Bead size: 8mm Regular size beads
  • Main Stones: Peridot stone
  • Colors: Green, Olive
  • Style: Round, Smooth, Shine
  • Metal: None unless requested 
  • Beads are strung on Strong, Sturdy Stretch Elastic
  • 100% AUTHENTIC Gemstone 
  • Product type: gemstone bead stretch bracelet 
  • Infused with Pure Positive Energy
  • Includes Gift Bag
  • Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted and is also SOLD in our store
  • Do not wear your Gemstone Jewelry in the Shower, Working Out or to Bed.  Keep stones away from chemicals. Treat your Gemstone jewelry with the utmost care for longevity.
  • Product Quality Guarantee, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • Each Bead is unique and no two are alike... all of our Handmade Bracelets are Beautiful as we pick from the Best, Highest Quality, and Prettiest Beads!

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