Crown Chakra


 7th Chakra

The Crown Chakra is our "Spiritual Center", and represents our higher aspirations for self-transcendence, the dissolution of ego boundaries, and our connection to the infinite "Source, Life Force or Prana".  It is the "Pinnacle" of the Chakra System, opposite the Root Chakra, and addresses our "other" roots—the spiritual connections that tether us to the boundless enigma of existence. Without this connection, we remain confined to our individual selves and the fleeting nature of life. The Crown Chakra brings the awareness of ecstasy and freedom that are inherent to our boundless essence and beginnings.

The Crown Chakra navigates the delicate boundaries that divide our individual "I" from the vast cosmos. Upon awakening, it fosters unity consciousness, boundlessness, and enlightenment. Its core aim is to rediscover our original spiritual essence and abode, seeking ultimate liberation from illusion, terrestrial constraints, and self-identification.


The human body is comprised of three intricate layers; the physical, astral, and spiritual bodies, commonly known as the soul.  Within the astral body lies a sophisticated network of energy centers known as Chakras or 'Spinning Wheels of Energy".

So, in essence, the Chakras are energy exchange points between our subtle energy bodies and the physical body. It is the energy of the soul that animates the physical body through the Chakras and in this sense, soul-energy flows downwards from the subtle realms through the Chakras. The soul flows inwards through the Chakras, while consciousness is expanding and expressing outwards from the Chakras. Our bodies are vessels, an Avatar for our soul.



T H E   C R O W N   C H A K R A

    C O L O R S:  Violet White, White, Clear, Gray, and Metallic (Gold-Silver-Rainbow)

Violet White, White, Clear, Gray, and Metallic (Gold-Silver-Rainbow) colored crystals stimulate, open and unblock the Crown Chakra.
The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara), which means "thousand-petaled", is our (7th chakra).
The predominant color of the Crown Chakra symbol is white, with its petals displaying a spectrum of hues akin to a rainbow. White encompasses all colors, serving as the pure and unified origin of the spectrum, thus symbolizing the essence of this Chakra perfectly. The auric color of crown chakra energy can also be seen as gold, silver or clear light.


 Quartz Crystal, Selenite, Light Amethyst, Celestite, White Quartz, Spirit Quartz, Titanium Aura Quartz, Angel Aura Aquartz Crystal, White Topaz, White Sapphire, Diamond, Spinel

The Crown Chakra energy center is responsible for: 

The Crown Chakra energy center's main Function is transcendence into Oneness. 

  • Consciousness
  • Awareness of higher consciousness, wisdom, of what is sacred
  • Connection with the formless, the limitless
  • Realization, liberation from limiting patterns
  • Communion with higher states of consciousness, with
  • Ecstasy, bliss
  • Presence

Where is the Crown Chakra Located? 


The Crown Chakra is located at the “crown” or top of the head. It allows for the inward flow of wisdom and brings the gift of cosmic consciousness. 


The Crown Chakra symbol is depicted as a circular ring of a thousand lotus petals surrounding an inverted triangle. This symbolizes the rising of divine energy into our Crown Chakra, bringing us spiritual liberation and enlightenment.Within the center, the seed mantra "AH" or "OM" is sometimes inscribed in Sanskrit. 

 T H E    P E T A L S   

The thousand-petaled lotus signifies Spiritual Illumination and the full blossoming of consciousness
As our consciousness evolves along the path of enlightenment, each petal unfurls in gradual stages. These petals symbolize various aspects of our being, including our thoughts, emotions, and actions. When our "lotus flower" is fully bloomed, it enables us to tap into divine consciousness and achieve a harmonious equillibrium between our body, mind, and spirit.

T H E   T R I A N G L E   

The downward facing triangle represents the spirit connecting with matter, grounding on the earth and our earthly existence, in our bodies. The upward side reflects the flourishing awareness that leads to enlightenment. It represents the infinite nature of this energy center, purity, spiritual unfoldment, and a transcendent state of consciousness.

  T H E   C I R C L E 

The Circle represents the spinning wheels, vortex or circles that life energy flows through. It symbolizes the cycles of life, death, nature and the universe. As the most basic of all forms, the circle encloses physical matter. The circle symbolizes infinite space (the element akasha) and expansiveness. The circle also represents the cycles of nature at all levels from the atom to astronomy. The central quest of spirituality is to experience the Oneness of these realms.

What is the Crown Chakra?

The Crown Chakra acts as a conduit and portal for the perpetual influx of cosmic energy and sustenance via the central point at the top of the head. This is the central subtle nerve channel known as "Sushumna" - main energy channel of the subtle body or Crown Chakra. This chakra is the receptacle for all wisdom and positive energies, channeling them into our essence. It serves as our access point to the vast universe that extends beyond our physical form. It symbolizes enlightenment and the broadening of cosmic awareness, embodying Higher Consciousness, Presence, Bliss, Divine Connection, and Realization.
The Crown Chakra is linked to transcending our personal limitations and those imposed by space and time. It is the realm where paradoxes are standard, and apparent opposites merge into one. The awareness that the crown chakra brings is of a universal, transcendent nature.
Immersed in the energy of the Crown Chakra, we experience a blissful union with the universe and a state of spiritual ecstasy. This chakra opens the door to the highest clarity and enlightened wisdom.

E L E M E N T S : 

Light - Aether: the medium through which LIGHT travels
Thought, Consciousness, Source, The Divine and Inner Light “None yet All”
The Crown Chakra is associated with multiple elements, with the primary one being our 'Inner Light.' This is what we experience when we are in tune with the deepest aspect of our being, a point of consciousness that radiates intelligence. In metaphysical terms, it is seen as the most refined element, forming the foundation of the entire physical universe, and is also known as 'White Light.'



S O U N D:  " A  H "  -  “ I Understand “

There is an energetic body of energy surrounding each of us that is composed of vibrations. This is known as the Auric Field and it exists in seven different layers sometimes referred to as harmonics because of the colour fields they emit.
The Auric Field correlates to our seven major centers of consciousness (chakras) within the physical human body and these chakras are closely associated with the seven seed (Bija) mantras. (Bija) seed mantras consist of seven syllables and each syllable connects to a specific chakra. These single syllable sounds can be chanted to strengthen the energy of the each chakra.
A mantra involves the repetitive use of a specific sound or short phrase called 'Chanting" and has been utilized in meditation and spiritual practices for thousands of years to concentrate and alter subtle energies within and around us. The continuous repetition of words, sounds, and vibrations in a mantra chant calms the body and mind, quiets the senses, and elevates awareness.

The seed syllable for the Crown Chakra is

AH" - pronounced  “Ahhhhh”  

Chanting "AH" can ground you in your body and the present moment, quieting much of your internal chatter and anxiety. It can also help you connect with healing and empowering energies that restore natural balance and harmony in your life. This sound is often described as a magnetic seed, drawing a stronger sense of connection to the universe and all living beings. Such interconnectedness is fundamental to spiritual well-being, fostering compassion, empathy, and a feeling of belonging in the world.
The chanting of the seed mantras has a tremendous effect on all the chakras.




A mantra consists of syllables, words, or phrases known as "Chanting," which are repeated continuously. These syllables embody the essence of each chakra and aid in purifying and fortifying the corresponding energy.
The Crown Chakra serves as the energy center for cosmic energy, symbolizing its function as a portal to the universe and higher levels of being.

"One can gain a better understanding by picturing a large metal bell and a rod. Striking the bell with the rod creates a vibration and produces a sound.

Similarly, chanting and repeating a Mantra is like striking the Chakra with the Mantra. This creates a unique vibration that has a direct impact on your overall physical and mental health.  As you chant in a relaxed state, you can feel this vibration ripple throughout your body, as it resonates to your very core."


Chant “AH” if you…

  • Feel insignificant and disconnected from spirit (Universe/Source/God)
  • Have a strong attachment to possessions and relationships
  • A lack of connection to the world


How to Chant the "  AH' Mantra?

The frequency of this mantra aligns with the Crown Chakra. Chanting "AH" fosters harmony, purifies, and activates this energy center, leading to states of self-transcendence where our individual sense of self merges into a larger unity.
If you don't have a lot of time, anytime spent chanting is ok and will benefit your chakras, even if it is in the car on your way home from work or in the shower!  Mantras can be spoken, chanted, whispered, or repeated in the mind. You can Chant them anywhere, anytime!


1.  Get Comfortable: Locate a tranquil area free from interruptions where you can concentrate. Position yourself comfortably, either seated in a chair with your feet firmly on the ground, cross-legged on a meditation cushion, or lying flat on your back. Focus on your breath, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly to release stress and negative thoughts. Relax your muscles. When you feel at ease and relaxed, proceed to step two.

2.  Hold a Crystal or Gemstone: Hold a Violet White, White, Clear, Gray, and Metallic (Gold-Silver-Rainbow) colored Crystal; placing it on the desired Chakra center, or hold it in your left hand.

3.  Visualize: Visualize a radiant vortex of White Silver light, like a spinning wheel, at your Crown Chakra positioned at the crown of your head. With each breath you take, envision this energy intensifying and expanding.

4.  Focus: Quiet your mind, eliminate all thoughts, and focus solely on the spinning energy at your Crown Chakra Center.

5.  Feel: As you vocalize the "A" sound, envision a cascade of white light flooding into your Crown Chakra, resembling a waterfall of luminous, pure light. Then, intone the full "AH" mantra slowly; pronounced  “Ahhhhh”, articulating each syllable distinctly, and sense the vibration spreading from that point through all your chakra centers; then returning to your Crown Chakra, continue this practice repeatedly. Note: Achieving fully opened "Lotus" Crown Chakra, may allow you to experience the essence of a candle flame or the ascent of Kundalini energy
    Meditation beads, commonly comprising 108 beads and known as "Mala" beads, serve as a tool for counting mantras or prayers. Also referred to as prayer beads or Buddhist rosaries, these strings of beads assist practitioners in tracking the repetitions of their mantras or prayers, with each bead signifying one recitation.

    Crown Chakra

    A F F I R M A T I O N S:   

    • “I understand“
    • “I am worthy of love from divine energy”
    • “I am an extension of the Universe, and The   Universe is kind and loving”
    • “I honor the sacred divinity that exists within me”
    • “I am pure, beautiful, radiant light”
    • “I am fully aware and awake”
    • “Abundance is a natural result of my gratitude and appreciation for life. Prosperity flows to me with ease when I’m in alignment with my true self”
    • “I release limiting thoughts, beliefs, and relationships that no longer serve me”

    P U R P O S E

    The Crown Chakra acts as a gateway, facilitating the continuous influx of cosmic energy and sustenance, and it is the birthplace of our convictions. It is the wellspring of our spiritual essence, linking us to the exalted realms of being. It expands our energy outward from our physical form. It is the nexus of elevated sources of knowledge, universal energy, and truth. It orchestrates our coordination – the harmony of movement among our body's components and our journey through life.


    C O L O R   E N E R G Y

     The colors associated with the Crown Chakra are Violet White, White, Clear, Gray, and Metallic colors. These Crystals emit High Vibrational energies that support clearing, cleansing and a fresh new beginning.  They are most notably desirable for raising one’s energy levels & expanding consciousness.
    Violet, white, clear, gray, and metallic crystals and gemstones are known to activate the crown chakra, symbolizing clarity and renewal. They provide illumination and guidance, enhancing our intentions and energies. These stones are potent healers and energy conduits, linking us to elevated consciousness. Celebrated for their powerful purifying and cleansing properties, they are considered the ultimate tools for inner purification and enlightenment.
    Violet, white, clear, gray, and metallic crystals and gemstones are utilized for cleansing, clearing, and purifying energetic stagnation in individuals, locations, spaces, and objects. They can also be employed to charge other crystals, amplify and direct their energies, and enhance your intentions. These crystals contribute to physical, emotional, and mental equilibrium. Utilize these stones to harness the intense power of concentration, focus, and diligence.

    O U T   O F    B A L A N C E

    An imbalance in the Crown Chakra can manifest in physical, mental, and emotional ways. A blocked Crown Chakra might lead to a reluctance to accept new ideas, thoughts, or knowledge. Symptoms such as psychosis, body dissociation, and a sense of being ungrounded are common indicators of a blockage. Additionally, watch for these symptoms:
    • Feeling Stuck & Depression
    • Lack of purpose & Inability to focus
    • Confusion & Indecisiveness  
    • Disconnection from your spiritual self 
    • Fatigue, Feeling Sluggish & Insomnia
    • Persistent Stress & Mood Swings
    • Feeling Uninspired or Uncreative
    • Destructive Feelings & Frustration
    • Migraines & Headaches 
    • Difficulty with Sense of Direction  
    • Sensitivity to Light & Sound  
    When the Crown Chakra is out of balance or its energy is blocked, you will feel clumsy, uncoordinated, and at sorts with life. You will stumble in both movements and thought. You will be uninspired and out of step. The world will seem to be spinning, and you will be unsure of who you are or why you even exist. You will be rigid in your thinking, and be spiritually adrift. Your consciousness will be limited, and possibilities will not appear to you. You will have difficulty understanding relationships, ideas, and dreams.
    In the physical body, the Crown Chakra corresponds with the Nervous System, Pineal Gland, Pituitary Gland


    R E A S O N S   T O    B A L A N C E

    The Crown Chakra is an immensely powerful and significant energy center, essential for our spiritual growth and development. It serves as our conduit to the higher self and the divine. When it is activated and in balance, the Crown Chakra can greatly improve our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
    When the Crown Chakra is balanced, we align with our highest self and achieve a state of harmony. This balance brings about profound serenity, joy, and peace. Our energies are in equilibrium, fostering a blissful union with the universe, spiritual ecstasy, and enlightenment. We perceive reality as it is, remaining composed in the face of setbacks, understanding they are a necessary aspect of life. We release obsolete ideas and attitudes, allowing ourselves to flow with the rhythm of life.


    H O W   T O    B A L A N C E

     The Crown Chakra is responsible for our mental and spiritual intellect, and is powered by the other six chakras in the body. To properly activate the Crown Chakra, we must first achieve balance in the lower six chakras. Here are some techniques to help unblock and balance this crucial energy center. 
    • Wear Violet White, White, Clear, Rainbow or Metallic Crystals & Gemstones for the specific purpose of balancing the Crown Chakra, such as Quartz Crystal, Selenite, Light Amethyst, Celestite, White Quartz, Spirit Quartz, Titanium Aura Quartz, Angel Aura Aquartz Crystal, White Topaz, White Sapphire, Diamond, Spinel
    • Regular Meditation and the use of Violet White, White or Metallic crystals
    • Mindful Breathing - Prana, the life force energy within you, travels on the breath
    • Nature Healing (Spend a few minutes outside everyday)
    • Chanting the Crown Chakra mantra: ‘Aum’.
    • Crown Chakra Frequency: 768 Hz
    • Practice specific Crown Chakra yoga poses: Headstand, Tree Pose, Savasana
    • Visualization & Intention - Your energy follows your intention.
    • Journaling & Self Pampering
    • Essential Oils / Incense: Lavender, Rosewood, Myrrh, Rose, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Palo Santo, Cedarwood, White Sage, Neroli
    • Herbs: Lavender, Lotus root, Holy Basil, White Sage, Mugwort, Rosemary, St John’s Wort, Star Tulip, Yarrow, Calendula, Ginkgo, Gotu kola, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Violet
    • Healing Foods: Purple grapes, Purple Kale, Blueberries, Purple Carrots, Eggplant, Cocoa, Acai berries, Beets, Black berries, Eggplant, Plums, Purple Cauliflower, Purple Cabbage, Purple Rice, Purple Potatoes, and of course, Red Wine.


    W H E N    B A L A N C E D 

    A balanced and open Crown Chakra transcends the expansion of our awareness and understanding beyond the limitations of our physical body. It promotes spiritual understanding, inner peace and a clear perspective on the world. Our vision is clear and our understanding is heightened.  When our Crown Chakra is open and balanced, we have a more positive outlook on life. There are visible changes in our attitude, and emotions like gratitude, compassion, and confidence to show our true Self.  This kind of spiritual awakening can positively impact us both emotionally and physically as follows:
    • Spiritual Awakening  & Mental Clarity
    • Spiritual Guidance & Insight
    • Heightened Intuition & Psychic Abilities
    • Amplifies Intentions & Manifestation
    • Increased Empathy & Compassion 
    • New Sense of Purpose 
    • Awakened Awareness of Reality
    • Anxiety & Stress Relief
    • Wisdom & Inner Strength
    • Rejuvenation & Renewal
    • Power & Authority
    • Mental Balance & Mood Stability
    • Improved Sleep & Dream Recall
    • Spiritual Guidance & Insight
    • Boost in Mental and Physical Energy  
    • Improved overall Heart Health  
    • Clearing, Cleansing & New beginnings
    • Healing, Holds positive energy


    When our Crown Chakra is unlocked:

    When the Crown Chakra is unlocked, it opens us to elevated states of consciousness and grants access to deeper awareness. The resolution of the other six Chakras is essential for the ultimate transcendence beyond the concepts of psychological existence and personal journey. In the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment, the Crown Chakra acts as a luminous sun guiding us along the path of the Chakras. It serves as a reminder that our personal journey is finite and not meant to be eternal. Eventually, we merge with the light that guided us, becoming one with that sun.


    How do we know when our Crown Chakra is open?

    An individual with a balanced and open Crown Chakra understands that true bliss and happiness are not found in the ego's experiences within the realm of time and space, but rather in the act of self-transcendence.
    In this state, a person loses interest in the potential gratification of worldly experiences and redirects their focus, energy, and aspirations towards spiritual unity. It becomes clear that true fulfillment is not found in bolstering the ego, but rather in its reduction.
    Such a person would have a natural inclination towards meditation and silence. For them, meditation would transform from a task into a soulful passion. An effortless draw to scriptures and the teachings of enlightened masters would guide them towards an enduring journey, fulfilling a thirst that only this can satisfy.