Ruby - Fuchsite Custom Size Round Smooth Stretch (8mm) Natural Gemstone Crystal Energy Bracelet

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 Handmade by GypsyGemsJewelryBox

Wear the power of earth elements.

Layer on colorful energy with this genuine premium stone bead bracelet. 

Ruby Fuchsite is a wonderful combination of playful red Ruby and sensible green Fuchsite. In some cases, the Rubies have a thin ring of blue Kyanite and white Snow Quartz may be intertwined with the Fuchsite. 

Ruby in Fuchsite
-vitality, energize, new beginnings, emotional support
 -self reflection, courage, strength, rejuvenates
-amplifies, transmits energy, balance, healing 
- restore love, compassion, eliminate negativity 
Ruby Fuchsite is a healers stone, used by Shamans to find the root cause of disease within the body & to facilitate deep healing on many levels. It allows one to connect with their innate medical intuitive abilities. Ruby Fuchsite is also known to enhance the power of other minerals.
  • UsesRuby Fuchsite is the combination of a stone of love and a stone of magic. It radiates the strength and passion of Ruby, and the calming energy of Fuchsite. Ruby Fuchsite inspires an overall feeling of well-being and encourages self-esteem. It helps with healing of emotional and relationship issues. Ruby Fuchsite encourages positive growth and new beginnings. Ruby Fuchsite stimulates both the Root and the Heart Chakras. It helps you to feel grounded and secure, while also feeling serene. Ruby Fuchsite allows you to have the courage to express your love and connects you to your inner truth and the inner truth of others.
  • Wear or carry: Ruby Fuchsite emits a vibration that teaches resilience and encourages you to understand your self-worth. It empowers you to go out into the world as your true self and helps you become more aware of your heart's needs. 
  • Emotional Energy: Ruby Fuchsite is the stone of recovery. It’s said to help you move on from both physical and emotional traumas. 
  • Ruby Fuchsite is one of the best crystals to help you balance your mind and emotions. It encourages you to use your mental gifts while letting your heart guide you. When you achieve this delicate equilibrium, you're able to navigate your life according to your principles and invest your precious time in things that make your soul sing.
  • Its energy can reduce the tendency to self-neglect, especially in women. It teaches them that they first need to love and take care of themselves, so they can better take care of others. Ruby Fuchsite alleviates worries and anxiety and helps you understand the dynamics governing the relationships in your life.
  • Mental Energy: Ruby Fuchsite serves as a reminder of one's own value, allowing individuals to prioritize their own self-interests rather than sacrificing themselves for others. This can lead to increased self-confidence and motivation to fulfill personal needs.
  • Physical Energy: Wearing Ruby Fuchsite encourages you to take charge of your own health. It may benefit your overall spirituality and health & help to create improved emotional well being. Can aid ongoing allergy problems. Ruby Fuchsite has been used to help with tissue repair, strengthen the immune system, carpel tunnel syndrome, spinal alignment, tight muscles, tension and strains
  • Spiritual Energy: Ruby Fuchsite is a stone of powerful magic, and an excellent talisman for manifestation. It enhances one's connection to both spiritual dimensions and the natural world.
  • Chakra: Ruby Fuchsite stimulates your Root Chakra and your Heart Chakra. 
  • The Root Chakra, also known as the Muladhara or Base, is located at the bottom of the spine. It is the foundation of our bodies and souls. Your Root Chakra contains your basic life force. When it is balanced, it helps to ground you and provides stability. An open Root Chakra allows energy to flow through your body, and offers a sense of safety and security. The Root Chakra emanates the energy of the Element of Earth. A balanced Root Chakra helps to ground the other chakras, and allows you to feel comfortable in your body and your surroundings.
  • The Heart Chakra, also known as the Anahata, is located in the center of the chest. It is the chakra most in tune with your emotions, especially love. When the Heart Chakra is aligned, it helps to open you to new experiences and new relationships of all kinds. It also helps to ease past hurts, and help you learn and grow from negative experiences. The Heart Chakra is the chakra of compassion, allowing you to forgive and be forgiven. It helps bring love to you, and helps you to push loving energy into the universe
  • Meditation: The combination of Ruby and Fuchsite helps to activate latent psychic abilities.  Ruby Fuchsite is believed to open up the soul to receiving guidance from the cosmos. It is commonly used to aid in soul-searching for answers related to life, love, and happiness. Additionally, it is thought to help bridge the gap between dimensions and welcome messages and protection from the beyond.
  • Feng Shui: Ruby Fuchsite carries Earth and Fire Energy responsible for joy, tranquility, wisdom, and protection. Keep Ruby Fuchsite in the Eastern direction to attract strong protection from harm, enthusiasm, warmth, and brightness. Ruby Fuchsite stones have bright vibrations that can improve the energy flow in your home & office. It works towards removing negative energy and cleansing your aura with positive vibrations. It Invites money and prosperity into your life. 
  • Work: It's a fantastic companion for anyone who has a hard time setting personal boundaries or doesn't know how to say "no." Ruby Fuchsite enhances your communication skills so you can express yourself lovingly and kindly, in an honest and worry-free way. 
  • Other Information: Some say that the vibrations of Ruby Fuchsite are so strong that you can feel them immediately

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  • Unisex, Men, Women, children 
  • Can be customized to fit any wrist, even a child 
  • Bead size: 8mm - Regular size beads
  • Main Stones: Ruby Fuchsite
  • Colors: Red, pink, green, white 
  • Style: Round Stretch bead bracelet 
  • Metal: None unless customer specifies 
  • Beads are strung on Strong, Sturdy Stretch Elastic
  • Product type: natural gemstone bead stretch bracelet 
  • Infused with Pure Positive Energy
  • Includes Gift Bag
  • Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted and is also SOLD in our store
  • Do not wear your Gemstone Jewelry in the Shower, Working Out or to Bed.  Keep stones away from chemicals. Treat your Gemstone jewelry with the utmost care for longevity.
  • 100% Product Quality Guarantee, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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