A Ring to Die For...

Posted by Cyndi Carlton-Henson on

Replacing the wearing of small 'Knapsacks', 'Medicine Bags' and stylish 'Necklace Pouches' of years bygone; when you needed to be clandestine and exterminate your enemies, the spotlight became focused on the New Star in town: 'The Vessel Ring' aka 'The Poison Ring'.  Not only did the Fashion Queens and Divas of the day don these mesmerizing yet deadly did Priest, Generals, the Wealthy, Kings and Queens, on and on, I am sure if there was a true list, it would leave us all in astonishment!

All you had to do was have an enemy you wanted out of the way and the need for one of these surreptitious and devilish Poison Ring vials; with their hidden chamber, became a sudden must have. These rings have been proven to date back to the 16th century, but I am sure that they were probably used way before that. I can easily envision Cleopatra donning one of these beauties with a large dazzling Emerald on top! The Poison Ring has probably been around since the inception of Rings themselves. It makes one question which came first...the Wedding Ring or the Poison Ring?

Mankind has always had trouble getting along with each other, and this goes back to our creation... So the need for an insidious way to deceive and remove ones enemies... secretly; was created.  Instead of swinging a Sword and the like; as this would likely cause retaliation, vengeance and wars, the invention of a Ring with a concealed compartment was born. This helped to eliminate many poor souls, rivals and adversaries, all done via incognito.

Today, in our ever changing world of technology and fashion, and these two seem to be merging into one...The Poison Ring is still hanging around and it is being fashioned into new stylish designs. Now, we mostly use them for those Pills we need to take, Herbs and Gemstones to help ward off Negative energies and Natural Oils to help keep us vibrant and awake all day or to help keep us calm in the midst of the storms we face. I would like to think that in today's world, these amazing 'must have' Poison Rings are never used for the wicked 'Cloak and Dagger' intentions of the evil minded, but I would not bet on that! 

I just love the enigmatic look of these fascinating rings, especially the shiny Gemstones and Crystals included in their design. It is said that with every poison there is an antidote, and this is the reason you will most likely always find Poison Rings with Gemstones included on top. Gemstones have always been used for various purposes and guarding against poison is on the top of that list. That just adds to the mysteriousness of these powerful masked rings. Once upon a time, they held within them, the power of Life and we use them to hold the power of Health, Protection and Healing. Maybe they should be called the Yin/Yang ring today... because they have now come full circle and are used for the opposite purpose; no longer for Dark and Negative matters, but for Light and Positivity, with hope and good intentions.

The little unseen compartment that these rings hold, evoke an ambiguous allure that is hard to resist. Not only are they beautifully different from the common ring, but it is almost as if they hold a stately mystical enigma, like an unspoken truth that is within all of us. Something hidden, unseen and lurking deep inside; arousing our innermost secrets that are veiled from even our most trustworthy friend and maybe even ourselves?

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